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Do you remember that feeling? Spring returns, the sun is in the sky, the air temperature rises and they are back on the road

 - the motor-bikers.

It is this unique sensation of freedom, being closer to nature, smelling the air and last but
not least feeling the power of your bike. Ride through the curves, speed up your bike uphill,
enjoy its sound, roll downhill in a relaxed manner…


Do you remember this feeling from earlier?

Did you enjoy the social life with fellow bikers?

Would you like to experience all this again?

Yes. But how…?

- Where to get a motor bike, if you just want to
try, but do a bit more than
a 20 min test ride?

- Where to get the safety equipment and bike clothing?

- The last ride was some years ago. How to get safely into riding again?

- And start again on your own?

Logo_1_kl is a new initiative and brings you back into touch with motorcycling
and all of its aspects.


With Logo_1_kl you can without any risk or expensive investment be a motor biker, and find out whether the virus will infect you again.  


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